AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Cinefamily's Hadrian Belove Talks Programming

Los Angeles's Cinefamily is one of the most hallowed film cultural institutions in the world. Their mix of programming and overall concern for an audience experience that involves not only a love of film but a love of the communal experience of gathering for film is evident in every event they program. Cinefamily's founder and executive director Hadrian Belove is one of the most thoughtful and reflective people in any level of show business and if you are interested in any aspect of programming or the business of the spectacle, listen to Hadrian. He approaches the day-to-day running of the theater like a ship pilot constantly monitoring the wind and swell of the sea, making minute corrections in course all along.

We talked in the AFS screening room last week about some very inside topics, such as theater layouts, the best way to host a show, the role of values in an organization and the need to change and innovate, even if it means leaving behind perfectly serviceable structures. It's a deep dialogue, as seemingly all conversations with Hadrian tend to be, and it's also funny.

Listen to the podcast here or search iTunes for the AFS Viewfinders podcast.