What Does a Film Producer Do? Texas Film Hall Of Fame Honoree Bonnie Curtis Breaks It Down

"Be in a place where you can bring all the parts of you into the room."

Producer Bonnie Curtis is one of the best around. She has worked on films as diverse, excellent and challenging to make as JURASSIC PARK, SCHINDLER'S LIST, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, ALBERT NOBBS and the new 5 TO 7. She is one of the world's most highly respected film producer and an expert on every aspect of the job, so when she speaks everyone who cares about film - and particularly about a career in film should listen.

Here is a solid, informative and energizing talk she gave a few months back as part of Chicago Ideas Week.

She starts her talk off with a clip from APOLLO 13 - the part where all the NASA technicians are trying to figure out how to cram a square filter into a round aperture - and she equates the work of the a producer with this task, again and again and again.

Curtis joins actress Bérénice Marlohe and writer/director Victor Levin (MAD MEN) for the Texas premiere screening of her new film 5 TO 7 at AFS @ The Marchesa on Friday February 13.

She will also be inducted into the Texas Film Hall Of Fame during the Texas Film Awards on March 12.