Movie People We Love: Paul Bartel & Mary Woronov

Here are a couple of guests for a dream dinner party in the afterlife. Mary Woronov is still with us and we value her more than ever, but Paul Bartel left us in 2000. Woronov and Bartel worked together four times prior to Richard Blackburn's EATING RAOUL (1982) and many times subsequently, but RAOUL is kind of the ultimate Paul and Mary movie. They were one of those natural comedy teams that work because you feel so much love between them.

Ironically, many people thought they were a couple in real life. They weren't but that was mainly an accident of birth - he was gay. They made beautiful music together and you can see how much they enjoy each others' company in this 1982 interview.

If you haven't seen EATING RAOUL, it is available as part of the Criterion Collection (!!!) and widely available. See it!