Discussing the Weird Virtues of LABYRINTH and PHENOMENA with Writer Amy Gentry

A few weeks back we had a combination screening and discussion show with writer Amy Gentry, who continually impresses us with her insightful Good Eye column in the Austin Chronicle.

The two movies shown were Jim Henson's LABYRINTH and Dario Argento's PHENOMENA. We talked a lot about the myth-making power of these two very different filmmakers, especially when considered in such an instructive head-to-head comparison - two movies, made a year apart, both utterly dreamlike and fantastic, and both starring Jennifer Connelly.

Our discussion ranges over some obscure and speculative territory - the conscious choice of David Bowie's crazily tight pants, Argento's weird daughter-thing, etc. I think we managed to look at these two films in some new and different ways.

Enjoy it.