Richard Linklater Talks Film, AFS & Thin Lizzy on Marc Maron's Podcast

This week Marc Maron's WTF podcast presents an hour and a half interview with Richard Linklater. It's interesting stuff. Of course they talk about BOYHOOD a bunch, but there's at least a detour through the other Linklater career chapters and a whole segment about Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy, Captain Beefheart and other musical influences.

There's also a whole long part about the Austin Film Society. Heres an excerpt:

Maron: Didn't you create the Austin Film Society

Linklater: Yeah, yeah. Almost 30 years ago.

Maron: 30 years!

Linklater: We started in '85. Started showing movies.

Maron: Is that what the original intent was?

Linklater: Yeah, we just showed a lot of movies you couldn't see on campus or anywhere else in town.

Linklater: I was so passionate about film. I was making my own films then but I kind of wanted to do something. I had a bigger calling about cinema. And I still do, you know. We give out grants. We show a ton of movies. I still host film series. You know I'm not doing the grunt work like I did for all those years... In my non-productive 20s I did start a non-profit organization that's still around and is a major non-profit...

Maron: Does it have its own venue now?

Linklater: Yeah. The Marchesa. We've got our own 200-plus seat theater. We show movies there on film. We're fighting the good fight.

Maron: Every day?

Linklater: Yeah, we show 20 something a month. We've given out 1.4, 1.5 million in grants to filmmakers around the state. I'm as proud of the Film Society and what it's become - what we've accomplished - as my own films. It's been a wonderful parallel life that I can put time into when I can.