MR. TURNER & NATIONAL GALLERY as seen by an art critic

This morning's Times brought much delight with long-time art critic Roberta Smith's take on her favorite new films about art, focusing specifically on MR. TURNER and NATIONAL GALLERY. She found that each of these films "says so much about the activity central to both making and experiencing art, which is simply the act of looking, whether as work, pleasure or exploration of both the world and the self." Her insights on MR. TURNER are a particularly rewarding read, but she also points out the reasons why any art lover needs to see Frederick Wiseman's newest masterwork. 

(If you are in Austin, you can catch NATIONAL GALLERY this Sunday at the Marchesa followed by a virtual Q&A with Frederick Wiseman. For readers in other cities, there will also be video Q&As Sunday at Nashville's Belcourt Theatre and Dallas' Texas Theatre).