Selected Shorts: Todd Rohal Presents More Madness from Matthew Silver

Portrait of the artist as a madman

Last month, filmmaker Todd Rohal shared the impossible-to-mentally-or-spiritually-digest short SMASHIN' IT UP with us. As soon as we were out of traction and were peering cautiously out the front door, Rohal threw this at us - another masterpiece of "I no know" called MOTHER & SON, made by Matthew Silver.

Here's Todd Rohal to introduce:

If you have been to New York City recently, chances are you’ve seen Matthew Silver performing in a subway station or around Union Square Park. He wears a Speedo and preaches about love. After nearly a decade of enduring jeers from the public, he's just recently been embraced by NYC residents. He's been featured on greeting cards and TV shows and is now a fixture of New York street performance. He is a truly inspired madman and his brain is wired unlike any person or device yet invented. 

Matthew made this film, MOTHER AND SON when he was still in high school. It's a massive achievement in editing and consumer-grade videography and a true vision of a nightmarish world that I hope to never personally experience. It is based on true events from the lives of the film's stars, Uncle Andy and Grandma Ping.

Here it is, divided into 4 separate YouTube clips, for reasons we won't bother to explain: